Dental Veneers Can Correct Countless Smile Flaws

Your smile is one of the things people first notice about you. If you feel yours is less than perfect, you may feel self-conscious and insecure. Veneers can fix imperfections in your smile to create a beautiful grin that you’re proud to present at every meeting and social outing.

Whether you have chips, irregularly sized teeth, stubbornly discolored teeth, or mild crookedness, veneers may be the answer. Mark Studer, DDS, recommends veneers for a wide variety of smile flaws.

How veneers work

Veneers consist of a very thin sheet of porcelain that fits right over your existing teeth. They cover up tooth imperfections to create a more perfect smile. Men and women in Bedford, Texas, choose veneers to fix chipped, cracked, or otherwise irregular teeth. Veneers can also brighten discolored or yellowed teeth that are stubborn to peroxide forms of teeth whitening. Teeth stained due to injury, antibiotics, or aging can be lightened with veneers.

Depending on the condition of your smile, you may benefit from just one veneer, or you may need a number of veneers to create smoothness and symmetry. We use only the highest-quality porcelain for dental veneers to ensure the most beautiful smiles. 

The process of getting veneers

A fitting is necessary before you have the veneers placed. Dr. Studer makes a mold of your teeth and then sends it to a lab. The lab creates the veneers out of porcelain so they perfectly match your bite in shape and color.

Once your veneers have been created, you can schedule your appointment to get them applied. At the veneer application, Dr. Studer cleans your teeth thoroughly and then prepares the surface of the teeth to receive the veneer. A very thin layer of enamel is removed – about the width of a contact lens – so the veneers fit naturally over your teeth to boost your smile.

Once the surface of your teeth have been adequately prepared, Dr. Studer uses affixes the veneers to your teeth. An ultraviolet light shines on your teeth to harden the adhesive, and your new smile is complete.

The right candidate for veneers

The desire for a brilliant smile is a good enough reason to consider veneers. Specific reasons you may opt for this smile makeover are

Veneers are the answer to many smile flaws. Plus, they require the same degree of hygiene that your natural teeth need: Regular brushing twice per day, once a day flossing, and professional cleanings twice a year. If you care for them like this, they can last for up to 15 years.

Plan a thorough consultation with Dr. Studer to express your smile concerns and aesthetic goals. He can help you make the decision to go with veneers or another alternative plan. Call his office or schedule an appointment online to get a gorgeous smile today. 

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