Don't Wait! Repair Damaged Teeth With Same-Day Dental Crowns

It’s nearly universal that people prefer straight, undamaged teeth. When you don’t have a perfect smile, it can negatively impact your self-esteem. And beyond mental health, or even your appearance, healthy teeth have oral health benefits as well; they’re less likely to become infected, they give you a strong and resilient jaw, and they allow you to speak and chew food properly.

 Some people are lucky enough to have a nice smile their entire lives; they never need braces or suffer damaged teeth. They’re the exception and the lucky few. If you have a damaged tooth, repairing it could seem intimidating or time-consuming. Luckily, this is far from the truth. With a same-day dental crown, your dentist can repair your damaged tooth in just one appointment.

Looking to get your perfect smile? Come see the team at Mark Studer, DDS. Dr. Studer is a skilled cosmetic dentist with more than 30 years of experience. He’s proud to offer a full range of dental services, from cleanings and whitenings to dental bridges and implants. Dr. Studer takes a compassionate approach to each patient and uses considers dentistry an important part of your overall health.

What is a dental crown?

A crown is a tooth-shaped covering or cap that is placed over a tooth to tightly cover it. It is placed to help restore the strength, structure, and appearance of your tooth. To guarantee the fixed tooth blends in with the rest of your mouth, each crown is custom made to match the size, shape, and color of your natural teeth.

A crown is a permanent fix for a damaged tooth. Crowns cover the entire visible portion of your tooth, so they look just like healthy natural teeth.

At Mark Studer, DDS, we use high quality ceramic to make your crown. This durable and long-lasting ceramic closely resembles the strength and appearance of natural teeth.

What problems can a crown fix?

Crowns are versatile and can be used to correct multiple oral health issues. Dr. Stuber uses this flexible solution in many applications, including:

Crowns are often used in conjunction with other treatments. A crown may be placed after a root canal to protect and preserve the treated tooth. Crowns can also be deployed with bridges and implants to add strength to the impacted area.

Typical crown treatment

Traditionally, crowns require two appointments. During the first visit, your dentist prepares your tooth to fit the crown. This requires removing some of the enamel, then taking impressions of your tooth.

While you wait for a dental lab to manufacture your permanent crown, you wear a temporary crown. Though permanent crowns are similar to natural teeth, you have to take special precautions while you wear a temporary crown. For example, you need to avoid foods that are too hot, cold, sticky, or chewy.

This waiting period lasts for up to two weeks, depending on the dental lab and type of crown. Once your permanent crown is ready, you come in for a second appointment, where your dentist fits it to your tooth.

The same-day crown

Dr. Stuber uses state-of-the-art technology to complete your entire treatment during one appointment. Instead of waiting weeks for a permanent crown, you walk out the same day with a repaired tooth! 

After applying a local anesthetic for comfort, Dr. Stuber removes the enamel from your tooth and shapes it to ensure the crown will fit perfectly. He then takes a digital impression of your teeth. 

Our practice’s computer-aided mill uses your digital impression to form your crown from a single, solid piece of ceramic. Using this computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing process improves accuracy and cuts down the time you spend waiting for the new crown. 

Once the crown is completed, Dr. Stuber will make any necessary adjustments before cementing the crown into place. By the end of the appointment, you’ll have a brand-new crown that fits perfectly with the rest of your teeth.

If you’re ready to see if a same-day crown is right for you, come see us at Mark Studer, DDS. Contact our Bedford or Argyle office today. 

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