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Teeth Cleaning Specialist

Mark Studer, DDS

Cosmetic Dentists & Restorative Dentists located in Bedford, TX

Teeth cleanings are an essential part of maintaining the health and appearance of your smile. With more than 30 years in practice, Mark Studer, DDS, and his team provide safe and effective teeth cleaning in a relaxed and comfortable environment. To schedule your next teeth cleaning, call the office in Bedford, Texas, today, or book your appointment online.

Teeth Cleaning Q & A

Why are teeth cleanings essential?

Teeth cleanings are an easy and effective way to help maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Teeth cleanings can help you avoid many oral health concerns like tooth decay and gum disease. Cleanings can also help early detect issues with your teeth or gums, helping you avoid procedures like root canals and extractions. 

Routine teeth cleanings help keep plaque and tartar build-up under control. Over time, if plaque and tartar are left on the teeth and gums, it can reach below the gum line resulting in serious complications like gum inflammation, infection, and tooth loss.

What happens during a teeth cleaning?

Teeth cleanings are regularly performed as part of your routine dental exam. You should schedule a teeth cleaning at least twice a year to maintain the health and appearance of your teeth. Your cleaning may be performed by Dr. Studer or one of the registered hygienists at the office.

Teeth cleanings typically begin with a physical examination. A small mirror is used to check for signs of gum inflammation, decay, and other abnormalities. The next step is removing any plaque and tartar. Although plaque can be removed with proper brushing and flossing, once it hardens and becomes tartar, it can only be removed through professional teeth cleaning. 

Your provider uses a small tool called a scaler to scrape to remove the plaque and tartar from your gum line and in between your teeth. They then use a high-powered toothbrush and gritty toothpaste to remove any leftover plaque and tartar and polish the surface of your teeth. Polishing helps keep the surface of your teeth smooth and improves their overall appearance. 

Before rinsing, the final step is a professional flossing to clean the spaces deep between your teeth. In some cases, a fluoride treatment may be applied to protect the teeth against tooth decay temporarily. 

How can I maintain my teeth at home?

To keep plaque and bacteria under control at home, you should establish healthy oral hygiene habits. Be sure to brush your teeth a minimum of twice a day — some combination of in the morning, before you go to bed, and after each meal.

You should also be sure to floss daily. Daily flossing helps remove plaque and bacteria from the hard-to-reach spaces between your teeth. With proper at-home hygiene and routine teeth cleanings, you can enjoy a healthy, functional, and long-lasting smile. To schedule your next visit, call the office, or book an appointment online today.